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Information on AFFF Lawsuits for Servicemembers and Firefighters

AFFF Lawsuit for Cancer

AFFF, or aqueous film forming foam, has been prominently used by military personnel and fire fighters to fight chemical fires since the 1970s. It is now widely known that multiple ingredients in AFFF cause cancer in humans. Manmade chemicals known as PFAS, these substances are highly effective at controlling chemical blazes yet pose serious risks to persons using them. Over the course of five decades, countless servicemembers and firefighters have been exposed to PFAS in the line of duty from AFFF. Now those persons face an increased risk for multiple forms of life-threatening AFFF cancer as a result.

The risk of AFFF cancer is long-lasting, meaning cancer may develop years or even decades after exposure. The PFAS chemicals contained in AFFF are commonly referred to as "forever chemicals" because they remain intact indefinitely. PFAS have been found to bioaccumulate, or build up over time within the body. PFAS chemicals pose a risk even in small amounts, and firefighters and servicemembers who used AFFF to fight fires (both in real emergencies and during training) have been exposed to significant amounts of these carcinogens. AFFF cancer includes kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, and liver cancer.

If you developed kidney, prostate, testicular, bladder, thyroid or liver cancer, lymphoma or leukaemia after exposure to AFFF foam, you may be entitled to compensation as part of a PFAS settlement.

Since the early 1990s, medical studies have consistently found that PFAS chemicals in AFFF cause cancer. Today, the manufacturers of AFFF face difficult questions from fire fighters, military personnel and their loved ones as to why these products were still manufactured long after the risk of AFFF cancer became clear. Countless persons who have suffered from AFFF cancer or lost a loved one much too soon are now filing AFFF cancer lawsuits against manufacturers. Filing a AFFF lawsuit can serve to hold manufacturers accountable for the flagrant disregard for the safety of servicemembers and firefighters. Filing an AFFF cancer claim is also the only means to pursue the compensation your family deserves for suffering, harm, medical expenses and loss.

Since the 1970s, scientists have warned of the danger for AFFF cancer. If you or a loved one developed cancer after using AFFF as a firefighter or servicemember, contact our firm today to learn about your legal options.

AFFF Lawsuit

AFFF Lawsuits

Persons and family members of persons who have been diagnosed with a qualifying type of cancer and have a history of using fire fighting foam may be entitled to compensation through filing AFFF lawsuits. Individuals who match this description are eligible for free, no-obligation case reviews with an attorney handling national AFFF lawsuit claims. Lawyers handling AFFF lawsuits for cancer work on contingency, meaning you will never pay legal fees unless we win compensation for you. Read full AFFF Lawsuits information from attorneys handling claims from plaintiffs nationwide.

AFFF Lawsuit FAQ

AFFF Lawsuit FAQs

This page provides answers to frequently-asked questions about filing a AFFF lawsuit for fire fighting foam cancer. Compiled by expert attorneys handling national AFFFlawsuit claims, this information applies to most general questions regarding AFFF lawsuits for cancer. Our attorneys handling AFFF foam lawsuit claims also offer free, no-obligation case consultation. If you have further questions or you would prefer to speak directly with a lawyer handling national AFFF lawsuits, please complete our contact form. Read full AFFF lawsuit questions and answers.

AFFF Lawsuit Lawyer

AFFF Attorneys

Our AFFF Attorneys have a long track record of success, winning compensation on behalf of persons and families harmed by exposure to carcinogens, dangerous drugs, and defective devices. When dedicated service members and their family members have been harmed at no fault of their own, our AFFF lawyer group sees it as our mission to pursue justice no matter how complex the case. Our attorneys handling cancer claims related to AFFF Foam contamination help Veterans and family members recover the compensation they need and deserve for the suffering and loss they have sustained. Read full information for filing a water contamination cancer claim from national AFFF Attorneys.



AFFF fire fighting foam, used widely in the military for five decades, has been found to cause many different forms of cancer. AFFF foam was developed in the late 1960s to extinguish fuel fires and was quickly adopted for widespread use across the military. Soon after, scientists warned of the danger of cancer from exposure to the PFAS chemicals found in AFFF foam. PFAS chemicals are also known "forever chemicals" because they build up in the body over time and take decades to break down. Read comprehensive information on AFFF Foam.

AFFF Cancer

AFFF Cancer

People who are repeatedly exposed to firefighting foam over time are at risk for developing AFFF cancer. Types of cancer linked to AFFF exposure include kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, and liver cancer. Persons and loved ones of persons who have developed AFFF cancer after repeated exposure to PFAS fire fighting foam may be eligible for compensation by filing a claim. Read full information on AFFF Cancer from national attorneys handling AFFF cancer claims.

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